wattwurmnashi’s Super Strict Scoring system

wattwurmnashi’s Super Strict Scores

I am a VERY strict reviewer. My ratings make the Gault Millau Coffee Bean look like a coffee bean. Don’t let “low” scores fool you! Here’s how it goes in detail:

1 – food poisoning alert
2 – barely edible
3 – edible… I guess
4 – okay
5 – average
6 – that’s it
7 – hell yeah
8 – won’t look out of place in pâtissier’s “Awards & achievements” CV section
9 – foodgasm
10 – life altering [makes you wonder if I’ll ever come across a mind altering one]

wattwurmnashi’s Super Strict Scoring criteria

Taste only, not presentation, not originality, not price, not service, etc. That being said, I will frequently comment on all criteria as I know they matter to a lot of people. However, I leave my personal likings & dislikes out of the picture & rate the cake based on its merits, not whether it meets my personal tastebuds.


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