wattwurmnashi in a chocolate truffle shell


waiting for dessert at paff Café

wattwurmnashi in a chocolate truffle shell

wattwurmnashi brings you the best pâtisseries in the world. As I’m currently based in Japan, that’s where most of my material is from but hopefully, that’s about to change!

wattwurmnashi’s accounting

In the good books:

richness, cakes with chocolate, pistachio, pistachio+raspberry, gianduja, praliné, rhubarb, raspberry, apricot, crème pâtissière, pâte sablée, macaron cakes, iced cakes

On the black list:

Mt. Blanc & anything chestnut, strawberry shortcake, biscuit rolls [in short – what 90% of Japanese customers get at a pâtisserie], no chocolate cakes in summer, no website, pseudo-websites with no real info, unannounced off-days, no photos allowed, forcibly pressed into katakana therefore ending up as something completely else French names, store assistants not understanding the names of their own products, store assistants knowing shit about what they’re supposed to sell, presentation over taste, Japanese’d stuff [green tea, bean paste, sweet potato, pumpkin, …], figs, walnuts, rose, coconut + pineapple + mango + add-more-random-tropical-fruits-here pairings

The name wattwurmnashi was kindly donated by my word-witty other half & alludes to the facts that

1. Mont Blanc looks like lugworm poo [could someone sponsor me with a free lugworm poo photo?! Pretty please!]

MtBlanc  Embed from Getty Images

& 2. I hate Mont Blanc [Wattwurm = German for lugworm, nashi = romanized Japanese for without].

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