Nagoya Pâtisserie Café Bébé Cakes II

  • Fraisier
    Joconde, mousseline, strawberries. The joconde was drenched in some sort of strong, clear spirit – maybe amaretto? The alcohol completely smothered most other flavors, which I deemed a huge waste. Real shame, because that mousseline was perfectly vanilla-y & textured. As a consequence, this fraisier came out very disappointing when from its appearance I had had high hopes for it [almond skin in the joconde & that mousseline had an air of one done right] but then, you can’t exactly tell a cake’s alcohol content by its appearance.
  • Arriba
    Chocolate génoise, chopped almonds, Domori butter cream, raspberry jam. Looked tiny – in fact, so tiny it’s completely hidden behind Bûcheron – but a classic case of appearances can be deceiving. Owing to a butter cream:génoise ratio heavily favoring the former, Arriba was as rich as the much bigger Bûcheron. This cake’s butter cream was also made with Domori chocolate, presumably Arriba [I’m such a smartie!]. It was for the better Bébé didn’t put raspberry in the butter cream because that most likely would’ve killed off the special Arriba characteristics, which were quite different from the Sur del Lago in the bûcheron. The chocolate flavor was also intense, but not as dark, more smooth. However, as a whole the cake could’ve done with a bit more raspberry but personally, I’m always annoyed with all those little raspberry seeds, yay for pâtissiers who strain their jam or use jelly.
  • Lemon tart
    Shortcrust shell, lemon curd, milk chocolate ganache. The shortcrust actually had a greenish sheen – I wonder if that’s to do with the sort of butter they used? Color notwithstanding, the crust was deliciously crispy-cracking & sort of dense. Unfortunately, the filling was a bit of a let down – the lemon curd itself was decent enough but then it had an equal layer of milk chocolate ganache underneath & that just didn’t belong there in my opinion. First, you couldn’t taste it at all because as it was milk chocolate it was completely overridden by the lemon taste, & second, therefore the only thing you noticed was the texture which was much denser & more solid than the lemon curd so it was just in the way I thought. Without it, it would’ve been much better.
  • Luxe
    One of the very few better chocolate mousse cakes I’ve had, thanks to chocolates from Pecq & Domori but compared to Arriba & Bûcheron, it struck slightly boring as it didn’t have much going for it in terms of texture or complementing flavors.

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