Dessert-ing Facebook group

You find yourself in a pastry shop every day come 2 o’clock?
You hit fine dining restaurants for desserts only?
You write about it, or are interested in doing so?

Join the gourmet dessert reviewing Trinity of andmorefood, PetitePâtissière & me on my Facebook group, Dessert-ing, dedicated to reviewing the best desserts out there. Share your experiences at pâtisseries, dessert bars, fine dining establishments, etc. Share your dessert review blog post links, post directly to the FB group, get it out however you like.

Posts must meet certain high quality standards both regarding the actual dessert as well as the writeup. We reserve the right to delete posts that don’t hit the chocolate bar. In particular, that means:

Dessert criteria
  • Should score at least 5, preferably higher on wattwurmnashi’s Super Strict Score scale
  • No packaged goods allowed, i. e. no reviews on Oreos, m&m’s etc., although that’s a logical consequence of criteria #1 in itself. Exceptions made for prime chocolatiers & chocolate makers’ products [PRIME. No Green & Black’s, Godiva, etc.]
Post criteria
  • Post must be exclusively about food. No “my-3-week-vacation-in-500-pictures-crammed-into-1-post” ing
  • Does not have to be dessert exclusive, but must contain review of at least 1 dessert
  • Must contain at least 1 high quality dessert photo
  • If several desserts are reviewed in 1 post, not having photos of all is acceptable
  • Review must be an actual review. That means it must convey the experience to the reader. “Great dessert, period” is no review. If you need help on how to write a review, read any of andmorefood or my posts.
  • Review must be at least 1 sentence long. Linking to Instagram post with a ›1 sentence long review acceptable. For great examples of how to write short reviews refer to Vittle Monster’s blog

We look forward to having you join us!

wattwurmnashi, andmorefood,  PetitePâtissière @ Dessert-ing


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