François Pralus, Indonesia Criollo 75%

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 9.5

François Pralus Indonesia 75%

medium-light dark brown, orange/yellowish sheen

Nuts, but also rich notes of caramel, milk – the longer I smell, the more this smells like a milk chocolate!?!

Thicker than most so it has a pretty puissant snap although maybe duller than 1 would expect. Breaks a bit crumbly, like milk chocolate.

François Pralus Indonesia Criollo 75%

mouth I:
Immediate start with fermented & roast aromas. Then becomes sharper, acidic/bitter, a bit reminiscent of fruit or especially yoghurt or some other dairy tang, but still mostly roasted connotation. Then distinctly like roasted cacao beans or like 1 would imagine eating roasted nut shells would taste like. Underlying fermented flavor throughout, though it pops up more strongly in some places than others.

mouth II:
Wonderful melt, doesn’t need much work at all but doesn’t release too fast either. It has that soy lecithin typical waxy/soapy ‘quality’, especially in the beginning but compared to other using companies much reduced

mouth III:
The sharpness disappears, more like, coffee & nut notes

François Pralus Indonesia Criollo 75%

wattwurmnashi has never had a chocolate that tastes so much like the quintessence of cacao. A most amazing experience. Very similar to popping roasted cacao beans/nibs in your mouth.

François Pralus official homepage


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