Bean to bar chocolate makers in Japan

As of yet, the bean to bar movement is still relatively small but picking up pace. However, with any such a small movement, maybe especially so in the digital internet age, there comes a familiarity with more or less the whole scene & high levels of curiosity in the activities of everyone.

However, most Japanese people, including Japanese bean to bar makers don’t speak English and often seem not all that interested in what’s going on outside of Japan, or presenting themselves to a non-Japanese audience. wattwurmnashi has repeatedly been approached about the Japanese bean to bar scene so it was high time to incorporate it into the wattwurmnashi website.

When wattwurmnashi first came to Japan in the latter half of 2010, there was not a single bean to bar maker in this country. Fast forward to 2015, you have 21 chocolate making businesses, give or take a few in Japan.

You can find a list of all currently known chocolate makers in Japan under wattwurmnashi’s new navigation menu entry, Bean to bar chocolate makers in Japan info, along with data on what products they make. If something catches your eye that you would really like to try but can’t get your hands on because you don’t reside in Japan or whatever reason, wattwurmnashi is willing to act as a go-between & purchase & ship on obtainable products, at no additional cost.


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