Nougat provençal, Pâtisserie Gramme

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 9.5

When nougat lover wattwurmnashi saw a nougat cake on the menu at Nagoya favorite Gramme in the Instagram account of follower @miraiyochi of course it became priority #1!

Gramme's nougat provençal

Honey mousse, nougat mousse, nougatine, dried fruit, biscuit, citrus stuff

While the appearance of the actual cake part looks just like what you’d expect of a nougat cake, those stripey bits on top look so unnaturally bright they are almost off putting [think ‘toxic’]. However, just as expected of Gramme nothing could be further from the truth, as they turned out to be this cake’s X factor. They are actually candied grapefruit peel, adding a slightly bitter twist.

As Gramme’s pastry chef is a master of ratios, their pastries never end up being exactly sweet, a feat that in itself alone is pretty hard to accomplish in a nougat cake but I’d say the predominant things this nougat provençal cake has going on are alcohol, nuts & citrus. Along with the sweet-bitter grapefruit peel, it’s the ample amount of nougatine that distinguishes Gramme’s nougat cake from others.

It’s amazing how Gramme always find a way of putting their own stamp on classics in the most unpretentious way ever.

Pâtisserie Gramme official homepage [warning: useless]


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