Where to buy Domori in Japan

Japanese people googling where they can buy Domori in Nagoya quite often end up on wattwurmnashi. That’s even though until just now wattwurmnashi hadn’t even uploaded any dedicated Domori chocolate posts yet!

Domori chocolates are wattwurmnashi’s favorite. So where can you get Domori in Japan?

In Nagoya you can get a few Domoris at lulu Bio in the relatively newly [Mar 2015] reopened Hoshigaoka Terrace building called The Kitchen, formerly Design no Ma. Domori were formerly stocked by Meidi-Ya in central Sakae as well but unfortunately, that has been closed down without replacement. However, it might be a sensible first stop for people who live in Meidi-Ya territory.

In Tokyo there’s Nonna & Sidhi in Ebisu which stocks quite a big Domori selection.

Domori are also available from a couple of online retailers, most notably 2 Italian wine import stores, Tuscany who cover the widest range of Domori products, & Maruyamaya. Note that Domori are often out of stock.

If you know of anywhere else, especially hard stores that stock Domori in Japan please inform wattwurmnashi!


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