Domori, Porcelana 70%

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 10

Domori chocolates are a firm, probably THE single favorite chocolate staple in the wattwurmnashi household. What’s not to like?! They look a class act, boast only 2 ingredients in the unflavored, dark bars – cacao mass & cane sugar – & on our way through many dozens of bean to bar chocolates we haven’t found any better tasting chocolates yet. So now here’s the 1st, long overdue wattwurmnashi Domori chocolate review:

Porcelana 70%

Domori Porcelana

clean & simple: only 2 ingredients

Domori Porcelana

luxurious Italian high end design

Domori Porcelana

surprising looks for a porcelana

dark brown with distinct purple to burgundy sheen. Quite dark for a porcelana I thought, & the purple hues also caught my attention considering it’s a porcelana

very clear & clean but on the quiet side due to its thinness

smoky, sweet yellow fruit [quince/plum], raspberry. Had wattwurmnashi drooling without a single bite. This might be TMI for you but I really need to drive home just how tantalizing its aromas are

mouth I:
Has an immediate start followed by a gradual but forceful buildup to sth. like chocolate cake [probably the alluded bread note], eventually shortly becomes smoky but not as ever so often smoky as in smoky wood but rather smoky as in s’mores or something similar. A transition phase of butter or even Henri Le Roux caramel follows, then the yellow fruit from the bouquet return but in the mouth they are more full bodied. I can see where the jam connotation is coming from because this phase is very fruity but in a sweet way & without acidity. At the end the taste returns to sth. like in the beginning but this time round it is more reminiscent of toasted white bread/pain perdu.

mouth II:
The melt is so perfect it’s like it’s not there. That does not mean it’s fast, on the contrary but it’s perfectly constant & without a hitch. Incredibly smooth silky texture without a single grain.

mouth III:
The aftertaste is prolonged & veers in strength, sometimes very strong while weaker at other times. First there are more nutty tones, then smokiness & some earthy slightly metallic nuances for a prolonged time towards the end, later it maybe becomes a bit more like coffee, then again like yellow fruit but fresher, not as jammy.

An amazing, harmoniously equilibrated bar executed to perfection. Porcelana chocolate can be a bit boring & while Domori’s does not have any edges or real surprises buried in it the taste profile is remarkably well developed, making this wattwurmnashi’s personal Porcelana benchmark.

Domori official homepage


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