Chocolate banana iced entremet, Kitazaki pastry, Nagoya

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 6

Part II of Kitazaki pastry’s iced entremets series [read about Kitazaki’s strawberry + milk iced entremet here]:

Pâtisserie Kitazaki iced entremet chocolate banana

Chocolate banana
The lighter part on top was a banana chocolate mix with additional helpings of dark chocolate chips. Even though it might look quite brown the balance between banana & chocolate was very good, the banana distinct & not too weak. The darker part at the bottom was pure chocolate mousse but as the banana containing part was bigger in volume the 2 flavors ended up more or less equal partners. Again, as for the strawberry + milk entremet the texture was just right for a half frozen cake, refreshing but with substance, firm yet accessible.

Definitely an address worth checking out for delicious iced cakes in summer! wattwurmnashi only wishes Kitazaki advertized their iced cakes more because they definitely set them apart.

Kitazaki official homepage


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