Strawberry milk iced entremet, Kitazaki, Nagoya

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 5.5

Iced cakes are a very rare commodity in Japan so wattwurmnashi was very pleasantly surprised to come across them at Pâtisserie Kitazaki in Nagoya, especially after not finding them on the not so informative Kitazaki website. First up, the ever-overrepresented strawberry + milk:

While neither feature high on wattwurmnashi’s list of favorite ice cream flavors, strawberry & milk is a classic combination that will appeal to lots of customers, especially to the strawberry mad Japanese. The strawberry part had that peculiar taste about it that processed strawberries can’t help but develop but it reserved some qualities of the fresh fruit. There were generously sized bits of white chocolate in the strawberry mousse which pepped up the classic combo a bit. Surprisingly, even so it didn’t end up too sweet because the mousse itself wasn’t sugared all that much.

The milk cream was unspectacular but mellowed the already mellow fruitiness a bit.

When serving the owner & pastry chef Mr. Kitazaki advised that I could start on the iced entremets immediately or leave them for a few min for them to thaw a bit more. As it was an extremely hot day wattwurmnashi dug straight in & the texture was optimal, immediately melting in the mouth in an almost silky fashion but with some firmness to it.

Boring though it might be, a good realization of a classic & one that’s sure to wake childhood memories in a lot of people, although less so in Japan. Stay tuned for another iced take on a classic, chocolate + banana!

Kitazaki official homepage


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