Strawberry sundae, Asterisque, Tokyo

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 7.5

Pâtisserie Asterisque in central Tokyo offers 4 different sundaes in summer: mango, chestnut + blackcurrant, something else wattwurmnashi forgot & strawberry:

Strawberry sundae
whipped cream, meringue, puff pastry wafer, freeze dried strawberry, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, ice cream [choice of 2 out of 4], crumble

This sundae from Asterisque ticks all the boxes of good sundae practice: whipped cream in abundance, sauce, crunchy components & of course, ice cream. Yet it manages not to overload with too many elements, unlike pâtisserie Grandir’s praliné sundae.

wattwurmnashi opted for vanilla & chocolate to go along with this sundae. The chocolate ice cream was OK but nothing more, the vanilla ice cream on the other hand managed to leave a more lasting impression. Real vanilla caviar was used as can be seen in the photo & enough of it to counter the strawberry sauce. The slightly not creamy enough texture would have been the only gripe about this vanilla ice cream.

All the strawberry components tied in well with each other while the crumble was a nice addition in taste as well as in texture & for once, there was enough whipped cream to last through the whole sundae. It would have been even better if the whipped cream had been more aerated.

As it is, an excellent sundae & definitely among the very few well balanced in Japan.

If wattwurmnashi has got your sundae taste buds going better call ahead before going there yourself if you are hell bent on having a sundae because even though these things are not stated on their website they have all sorts of bothersome rules for eating in.

official homepage:


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