Iced chocolate float, Parkhotel Laurin, Bolzano

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 5

This iced chocolate float is not on the menu of the Laurin Bar but was obligingly made on request – full points for service!

It consisted of cold cocoa, 2 scoops of ice cream & whipped cream.

Even though this is Italy, Bolzano does not have truly great ice cream. Still, this chocolate float was exactly what you would hope for & maybe more. The cocoa was decent, not as pale & lifeless as at some other places & they use proper whipped cream, although I think that gratifyingly hardly any places in Italy use that horrible canned shit.

The rating is unfortunate & strikes even super strict wattwurmnashi as harsh but any chocolate float would taste worlds better if actual, high quality chocolate rather than cocoa & artisanal ice cream were used. However, as far as probably 99.9% of iced chocolate floats all over the world are concerned that don’t meet these criteria, Laurin’s would surely be at least a 9.

My waiter sweetly put on some fine finishing touches with the cocoa dusting & the elegantly wrapped chocolate on the side. Subtle, but in wattwurmnashi’s eyes shining standouts. It’s little details like these that make for superb customer service.

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