Pierre Hermé, Miss Gla’Gla Montebello

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 9

Pierre Hermé, the pastry king, makes a variety of macaron ice cream sandwiches of which unfortunately only a handful are available in Japan. Among them: his classic, Miss Gla’Gla Montebello.

Miss Gla Gla Montebello
Pistachio macaron, strawberry sorbet

The balance between pistachio & berry, tricky to get right, is spot on in this ice cream sandwich. The pistachio macaron is full of flavor, tastes quite marzipaney. The strawberry sorbet has that unmistakeable taste that processed strawberry develops & while being distinct is not exactly strong so as not to overwhelm the pistachio flavor. The combination of fresh, fruity, watery sorbet & sweet pistachio macaron make for an accomplished pairing of contrasts – the perfect snack to cool down on a hot summer day.



6 responses to “Pierre Hermé, Miss Gla’Gla Montebello

    • I’m not sure you need to travel that far! There are Pierre Hermé outlets in London although I’m not sure if they sell the Miss Gla’Glas. Paris is pretty close too though. Personally, I can’t wait to finally leave this country so you’ll have to hurry up

    • I like pistachio best in combination with raspberry but I absolutely love this sandwich, sucks he doesn’t have a Nagoya outlet. But you can basically walk to the New Otani or the Aoyama store. Although I’m not sure he sells these at the New Otani

        • This 1 was at his most famous Aoyama store. But you can get it at all his other outlets. I remember I also got 1 to go the day before the Aoyama store visit, at a department store in Ginza though I fail to remember which 1. There’s also a cafe in Ginza at a different location but I haven’t been to that 1. Apart from the Aoyama cafe I’ve also been to the New Otani & had his cakes there, another food blogger, http://noix0305.blog.fc2.com/ who I met at that event the other day recommends the New Otani over his other locations because she says that was the 1st 1 & their stuff is better there although I myself don’t have sufficient data to second that or not but I will say that it’s a more relaxing atmosphere even though the Aoyama cafe is pretty stylish

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