Pierre Marcolini, summer 2015 peach sundae

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 8.5

It’s hard to beat Pierre Marcolini’s sundaes in Japan, especially what with seasonal rotation every few months. 2015 we’re in for an even more special treat: Unlike in previous years, Pierre Marcolini has opted to make his summer sundae special a peach sundae.

Mint whipped cream, peach sorbet, almond milk ice cream, peach mint jelly, almond meringue

For the 1st time, there is no chocolate worth mentioning to be found in a Pierre Marcolini sundae. The peach sorbet is very light & over in an instant with the mint spiked peach jelly providing further fleeting summer freshness. The almond milk ice cream, an aromatic & well balanced classic at Pierre Marcolini stores in Japan, lends some substance to the very light rest with the whipped cream tying in both sides with its creamy richness & summery refreshing mint notes. Overall, a very well balanced sundae flavor wise but its lightness might fail to impress some people who have become used to sating Pierre Marcolini sundaes while others will definitely prefer it for that fact.

On till Aug 31



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