Praliné sundae, pâtisserie café Grandir, Tajimi

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 5

Summer, sundaes & wattwurmnashi all make a more or less sync’d [un]timely comeback!

Praliné sundae
mini choux, toffee bonbon, chocolate crunch, vanilla ice cream, praliné ice cream, praliné sauce, praliné tuile, krumcake cookie, caramelized hazelnuts, strawberries, whipped cream

As can already be surmised from the preceding list this sundae had too much going on. Flavor wise it actually kept within bounds except for the strawberries which were utterly out of place, killing off the in places rather subtle praliné flavors with their sourness.

However, the predominant irritating factor about this sundae was its overkill of textures which were way too diverse to count as accents or stylistic devices. All that texture mumbo jumbo mess distracted heavily from the underlying flavors which were quite good. The vanilla ice cream contained real vanilla, the praliné ice cream was on the weak side but unmistakeably nut based. Still, in keeping with the problematic textures the ice creams were quite hard which made for somewhat irritating eating.

The choux pastry cream filling was disappointing as it was too sweet but the encasing pastry was well done, eggy, neither burnt & too hard nor soggy. Highlights were the praliné tuile with its unimpeded, undiluted praliné flavor & the krumcake cookie which had been implemented well.

Since it had all this stuff piled on top of one another this sundae was quite filling. wattwurmnashi inquired about its size before ordering & the staff estimated it at 2-3 small individual cakes. After eating this + 2 cakes I would say it’s more on the 3 side of things, especially as it was sweeter than the cakes.

Promising elements here & there, in particular good underlying flavors but a case of less is more – all in all, a solid ice cream dessert.

Pâtisserie Grandir homepage

Pâtisserie Grandir
10 Chome-27-1
Gifu-ken 507-0054


8 responses to “Praliné sundae, pâtisserie café Grandir, Tajimi

  1. wow this looks like a serious mess to eat! when will they realise that things like this need a BOWL. especially those tall parfaits with a million layers and a thin cup and even thinner spoon, which are not at all adequate to pick up any but two of those crazy layers.

    • Rather than a bowl I think it needs 1 of those platters with lots of different compartments. Because this just doesn’t come together as 1. Throwing everything in together doesn’t mean it’s gonna become 1. So if they really really wanna keep all those components I think they should separate them. Especially since cream puffs, chocolates etc. usually don’t benefit from sitting around on ice cream

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