Berry chocolate sundae, Pâtisserie Grégory Collet, Kobe

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 5

wattwurmnashi grew up around & consequently can’t live without great ice cream in a certain style of sundae available in parts of Europe: several scoops of mixed ice cream + lots of stiffly whipped cream + sauce + other condiments.

Unfortunately, that sort of sundae is hard to come by outside of said European regions. So at first, Grégory Collet’s berry-chocolate sundae pushed all the right buttons: several scoops of ice cream, exactly the right amount of whipped cream [all y’all wimps that think it looks like too much in the photo you obviously don’t know what I’m talking about], brownie bits for condiment, …

… but then, almost immediately doubts start creeping in: no sauce &, worse/t, frozen fruit. In a bizarre way, I could’ve done with that because at least, frozen fruit tend to lose lots of liquid = sauce substitute. But those berries were frozen rock solid. Needless to say, the taste wise experience as far as the berries were concerned was, to put it euphemistically for once, negligible.

Which is a real shame, because otherwise, the sundae lived up to expectations: a flavorful raspberry sorbet, a very dark chocolate ice cream or maybe also rather sorbet, pretty decent brownie bits & delicious whipped cream.

Grégory, throw in some sauce & if you can’t be bothered for fresh berries, at least thaw the frozen ones before serving & we’re talking.

Grégory Collet official homepage:


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