Fruit tart, pâtisserie Viser à, Nagoya

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 2

Fruit tart
various fruit, custard, sugar pastry

This tart had the looks, but unfortunately not the taste to match it. It was buried under a sugar glaze avalanche that had to be seen [as can be in the picture] to be believed – several mm deep in some places. Consequently, the whole thing tasted sickeningly sweet & not much else even though wattwurmnashi tried her best to pry off as much as possible.

If that wasn’t enough, the custard tasted horrible, mostly of starch.

What a disappointment.

Mizuhotoori 4-20


6 responses to “Fruit tart, pâtisserie Viser à, Nagoya

  1. Custard fruit tart isn’t exactly a difficult dessert to make, such a shame that they couldn’t make it taste good. The little rose on top makes it look so cute!

    • Thanks! You made me have a look at the WordPress version of that photo which made me realize I should preserve more of the quality. It’s sad I have many beautiful shots of this tart when it tasted so inferior but only 1 or even none of some cakes that were really good.

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