Coccinelle, Wittamer, Kobe

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 5.5

Coccinelle [French for ladybug]
raspberry mousse, raspberry jelly, crème brûlée, chocolate mousse, pistachio biscuit

This charming ladybug cake stems from times long before wattwurmnashi so unfortunately there’s no inside shot. It was an endearing take on the classic chocolate-raspberry-pistachio pairing. The raspberry & chocolate mousses were pretty emancipated, the crème brûlée was wedged in between & played a subordinate role.

As a whole, this cake was on the sweet & creamy side but the flavors were pretty good, except for the pistachio which didn’t really come through. That made it a component mostly for color probably which seemed a bit of a shame. The biscuit was also quite dry.

The macaron came with the cake free of additional charge – a nice, appreciated touch.

Daimaru department store, 2nd floor
Akashicho 40


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