Cacao Hunters, Sierra Nevada 64% dark chocolate bar, Columbia

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 7

Cold facts:
Origin: Sierra Nevada, Columbia
Bean: n/a [probably Trinitario?]
%age: 64

The packaging is creative: the bar is square, the likewise square cardboard outer opens in cool zig zag fashion, inner packaging is aluminium with the revers being fastened with a cocoa pod sticker – lots of attention to detail.

Cacao Hunters color code their bars with nice, bright, easy to recognize colors which is also a nice touch.

medium dark brown with purple

heady & more astringent fruit notes, cacao

good pluck but chocolate is very flat so not very loud

The Sierra Nevada 64% starts with creamy sweetness followed by a prolonged fruit period which is first characterized by heady grapes & then becomes more varied with very nice raspberry. At the end it drops off in fruitiness, changing back into something sweeter like honey. The aftertaste lingers considerably.

To wattwurmnashi, predominantly, this chocolate is all about raspberry – not through a sharp sourness but rather the complexities of the berry fruit are reflected in this bar. If anything, the aromas are a bit on the flat side though. Speaking of flatness, the relative flatness of the chocolate allows for easy melting in the mouth but it is not too thin for the aromas to develop either.

Cacao Hunters is the brainchild of Mayumi Ogata who wanted max control over the way her chocolates are made so she moved to Columbia where the cacao for all her chocolates is grown & processed. She travels around searching out the regions with the nicest cacao & determines optimal conditions for all the steps in the chocolate making process. Read more about Cacao Hunters & their dedicated mission on


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