Chocolate & raspberry French king cake, Lindt

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 9

What does wattwurmnashi do when Lindt go & sell an irresistible sounding Galette des Rois with chocolate & raspberry as Epiphany 2015 special but NOT in Nagoya = wattwurmnashi home base?

  1. Feel disadvantaged
  2. Throw expired Lindor balls at the Lindt Nagoya storefront
  3. Peruse a good friend in better supplied territory

The answer should be obvious although technically speaking, 1 is correct as well. Long story short, here is what I received from my darling friend Yuuko in Tokyo:

Sweet supplies from Yuuko, how awesome is she!?!

Sweet supplies from Yuuko, how awesome is she!?!

Chocolate raspberry French king cake
Chocolate raspberry frangipane, raspberry jam, Ecuador 70% ganache, chocolate puff pastry

Eaten as-is, this is an impressive enough chocolate-raspberry affair with different textures but after an initial tasting, wattwurmnashi slightly warmed the remainder in the microwave & the result was unequally more mindblowing. Like its 2011 counterpart, the 2015 feuilletage stays intact & the heat brings out the best in the ganache only that this year’s wins an additional dimension through its raspberry component, complementing the intense ganache with fruity, slightly tart sweetness.

Only on till Jan 25 2015 so go & buy your chocolate raspberry Galette des Rois at Lindt Tokyo NOW!


10 responses to “Chocolate & raspberry French king cake, Lindt

  1. That looks really good. Chocolate and raspberry go so well together! I’m baking a choc raspberry cake for my friend’s birthday next week but I doubt it will taste as good as that one.

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