French king cake, Lindt

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 8

Considering it is Epiphany today, what better to post than French king cake, a cake that is a traditional Epiphany specialty in France?

I love the Lindt takes on French king cake because they inevitably incorporate chocolate. This 2011 version was pure chocolate: cocoa pastry dough & Lindt dark chocolate ganache. It was served warmed up which highly benefited the ganache, bringing out the chocolate & making it extra delicious.

The feuilletage was quite solid & didn’t suffer from being heated up, the ganache was smooth, melting & full of good chocolate flavor.

A very rich, chocolatey taste throughout makes this a French king cake standout in the wattwurmnashi records as of to date. You should try this year’s current chocolate & raspberry king cake, in Tokyo stores only [BOOH!!] until Jan 25!

Lindt official website | Lindt Japan website


8 responses to “French king cake, Lindt

    • Oh you don’t? That’s a bit surprising considering how abundant they are all over the globe. To me, Lindt aren’t exactly great but their stuff is decent honest chocolate. Some things like their king cakes are better than others, others like their mousse cakes are mediocre. & I’m on alert tbh because I don’t like the new Hello range at all & can’t help but wonder where the hell they’re going with this.

    • Right?! :D maybe this could be inspiration for you to make your own version? The next Epiphany is far off so you’d have plenty of un-needed time to practice ;)

  1. miam though I must say that “la galette des roi” is never made with chocolate -it’s traditionally almond cream- it does look good.

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