Olive and Sinclair, Cacao nibs chocolate bar, Ghana 67%

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 7

Olive & Sinclair official homepage

wattwurmnashi has long been a fine chocolate fanatic but unlike painstakingly researched & planned visits to pastry shops, pralinés are often grabbed & consumed spontaneously without a camera or iPhone at hand, chocolate bars eaten at home without wanting to mar the experience by having to take notes. However, as chocolate plays such a central part in the wattwurmnashi universe things had to change!

wattwurmnashi’s preferred medium of fine chocolate bars are bean to bar, single origin dark chocolate bars without any additional shit getting in the way but even so, Nashville cacao roaster & bean to bar chocolate maker Olive & Sinclair’s cacao nibs bar is to be the first chocolate introduced here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to procure any non-flavored Olive & Sinclair bars.

Cold facts:
Origin: Ghana, although I’m not 100% sure all the cacao content is Ghana as that is only indicated as the country of origin for the beans but not the cacao butter, although the Olive & Sinclair website does state the nibs are from Ghana sourced beans as well
Bean: –
%age: 67

The packaging is stylishly retro. A sturdy recycled paper envelops the aluminum foil that protects the treasured insides from sunlight & heat.

Olive & Sinclair use a fancy mold for their chocolates picking up the retro theme. There are lots of small irregularities, predominantly tiny bubbles but personally I find that with this chocolate they only add to the charm. I really like the size of the 9 indicated pieces & the few-mm height. While too big for wattwurmnashi tasting, one makes an excellent snack. Purple & red hues are a promising sign as to the taste.

Wood & some tobacco

Satisfying snap, breaks at stamped lines

As this chocolate is covered in cacao nibs, it is not really intended to be tasted the chocolate tasting way. Even so, wattwurmnashi had a go:

Opens with a short burst of wood – in fact, so short that I wasn’t sure the first time around if it really had been there or not. It then changes rather abruptly to sharp notes of licorice and maybe blackberry. A more creamy period of hazelnut follows before the chocolate picks up acidity again with full-bodied red fruit or grapes culminating in a bitterness reminiscent of red wine.

The melt is medium quick I would say although it’s a bit tricky to say with a chocolate that has lots of cacao nibs stuck to it. Texture is quite smooth with just a hint of granularity.
Finish and aftertaste are medium. The sourness disappears from the aftertaste, leaving behind mellower notes.

Eaten the way the nibs ask for, the sour & bitter fruit notes are still the most prominent feature of this chocolate while the nibs pack some crunch.

All in all, this chocolate strays on the sour side of things. Its flavor components are quite distinct & pronounced. There are no %ages given for cacao mass:cacao butter ratio but I think this chocolate strikes a good balance between texture and portrayal of the flavor profile.


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