La vie douce, pâtisserie & café, Tokyo

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 6.5
Alsace: 6
Pistachio + sour cherry: 6.5
In 1 word: location location location
Assortment: cakes & desserts [~30] | macarons | teacakes | pound cakes | chocolates | cookies

La vie douce official homepage [Japanese only]

If at all, Shinjuku is known outside of Japan as the world’s busiest transport hub [more than 3.5 millions commuters through Shinjuku station/day]. As such, it is incredibly hustly & bustly & like most such environments doesn’t lend itself well to prime pastry establishments.

Good pâtisseries with cafés are especially rare finds, however, about a handful of wattwurmnashi worthy pâtisseries can be found in Shinjuku, of which La vie douce is one. It is within an easy walk from Shinjuku station [although closer to Shinjukugyoenmae station, or most of all Akebonobashi]. Their think tank, also with café seems to be in Yokohama which makes more sense rent wise.

The operation is owned & run by Shin Horie who approaches his pastry making in a musical sort of way, likening the orchestrating of his business to exactly that [an orchestra]. Less artistic but rather corporate like are the listing of a concept, values & a branded logo which slightly perplexingly doesn’t tie back into the musical theme.

The orange theme, however, is carried on in the decoration of the La vie douce outlets. Not having visited the Yokohama café, La vie douce Shinjuku is shaped in a funny bent tube sort of way with seating lined up along the window front. It would make for a good people watching spot if only this place was not in a more ‘remote’ location in Shinjuku but on the other hand, not many people will get to stare at you & your food either.

Speaking of which:



  • Alsace
    Cinnamon mousse, raspberry gelée, génoise, feuillantine
    The slight tartness from the raspberry gelée & glaze opposing the sweet cinnamon mousse make for a very interesting combination which you don’t come upon often. The ganache coated feuillantine base adds a nice, crunchy texture & a bit of an intense chocolate note.
Pistachio + sour cherry

Pistachio + sour cherry

  • Pistachio + cherry
    Pistachio mousse, sour cherry gelée, génoise, feuillantine
    Beautifully presented with its white chocolate dusting, this cake delivers on the taste front as well. The flavorful pistachio mousse harmonizes well against the sour cherry preserve. The base is essentially the same as the other cake.

Beverage options are limited & the tea does its job, that’s about it.

For anyone looking to relax after some stressful Shinjuku shopping or a day out at Shinjuku Park, La vie douce offers an upstyle cake break.

Aizumicho 23-14


9 responses to “La vie douce, pâtisserie & café, Tokyo

  1. When i go to Japan next summer Im definitely going to try these places you are blogging!

    • Yeah I love cinnamon! I’ve had cinnamon mousse in other cakes at other places but never in combination with raspberry except for at La vie douce I think. Works very well though! As for this place, the cinnamon mousse was very mellow. Maybe a tad too subdued. But it was nice nonetheless.

      • :) Well cinnamon is used in holiday cookies with us most often or in strudel, apple pie and so I do not use it as much with other stuff. But am learning something new every day – now this and earlier today I saw also a chicken soup that is seasoned with cinnamon! :) so interesting. We just need to have a open mind..;)

        • Yeah exactly, in Europe cinnamon is basically a winter spice. I love it far too much to only eat it in winter though. I think in Japan due to them not being a Christian country & having no pastry/cake culture, let alone Christmas tradition they apply cinnamon a bit more freely without regard to season. Besides, it’s popular enough in the French pastry scene. I also like to use cinnamon in savory dishes, for example I love to make a couscous based dish with cinnamon for my husband. I’m very experimental in the kitchen & except for some pastry related things from time to time I never peruse recipes

          • Exactly and because of it I do not have the experience to put is somewhere else but I am willing to make an effort and I also like to experiment in the kitchen too..:) I do read recipes for inspiration and then go and make it my own..:)

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