Arcachon, pâtisserie & café, Tokyo

Arcachon's Bayonne, Part des anges, chocolate raspberry

Arcachon’s Bayonne, Part des anges, chocolate raspberry

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 6.5
Bayonne: 9.5
Chocolate raspberry: 7.5
Perruche: 7
Madame Arcachon: 7
Part des anges: 6
MM: 5
Pour K: 4.5
In 1 word: French
Assortment: 30+ cakes, desserts etc. | Danish style pastries | chocolates | macarons | cookies | petits fours | jams | bread & savories


Fractional cake counter at Arcachon

Fractional cake counter at Arcachon

Having been open for almost 10 years [since 2005], which is an eon by short lived Tokyo standards, even though it doesn’t really apply here as thelocation can only be described as backwater, pâtisserie Arcachon can well call itself an established institution in the Tokyo pastry scene, especially as it is distinctly pre-recent-French-pâtisserie wave. Proprietor & chief wiz Mr. Morimoto is used to the boonies, as he trained for 3 years in the Bordeaux region of France, namely in tiny Arcachon &, under the motto “a feast for taste buds & eyes”, has made it his mission to transport Bordeaux back to his native Japan.

Wasted double vision inside view

Wasted double vision inside view

A selection from the cakes tasted:



  • Bayonne
    Almond praliné, chocolate coated honeycomb toffee
    Rich, creamy, intense almond praliné meets honeycomb toffee covered in very dark chocolate cookies. Roasted almond flakes, lots of icing sugar & cocoa powder finish one of wattwurmnashi’s favorite. Pastries. Ever. Fun factor: enormous, although other guests better beware of honeycomb shards hitting harder than a bee sting.
Chocolate raspberry cake

Chocolate raspberry cake

  • Chocolate raspberry
    No mystery about this cake, but a really good pastry chef gives himself away by classics done truly well & Arcachon’s sure as hell dishes it up. A rich, dense raspberry infused chocolate mousse on a chocolate génoise & raspberry jam strike the perfect balance between the 2 flavors.
Perruche [left], MM [right], Madame Arcachon [front], Pour K [back]

Perruche [left], MM [right], Madame Arcachon [front], Pour K [back]

  • Perruche
    Coconut mousse, apricot mousse, pistachio génoise, blueberry glaze
    I expected this to be too similar to Pour K as below & to like the latter more, but everything is not as it seems because neither are they similar, nor do I like Pour K better, on the contrary. Unlike Pour K, Perruche is an accomplished marriage of several different flavors which I originally wouldn’t even have expected to work together, but they do.
  • Madame Arcachon
    Milk chocolate bavarian, pear, pastry cream, puff pastry
    While beautifully textured, a darker chocolate with some bitterness would balance the plump, ripe pears & the sweet milky pastry cream much better. The puff pastry is excellent & probably the least disintegrating puff pastry I’ve had to date.
  • Part des anges
    Milk chocolate mousse, blackberry jam, shortcrust
    Pleasant enough in itself, except that the blackberry jam hardly harbors any flavor, which makes this cake a huge letdown. When I was so looking forward to a super rare blackberry dessert… How the hell is this pastry Arcachon’s most popular?!
  • MM
    Pistachio crémeux, génoise-sour cherry melange, crumble
    While a striking appearance, this cake is unfortunately underwhelming. Neither the pistachio nor the sour cherry flavors are on point & the cake ends up an overwhelming mumbo jumbo of ‘sweet’.
Pour K

Pour K

  • Pour K
    3 chocolate variations, raspberry jam, chocolate génoise, pistachio génoise
    The very pasty dark chocolate ganache rules supreme, in a bad sense. It just puts down any taste AND texture rebellion attempts from the other components.

A decidedly authentic French feel, spoiling for choice of delicious cakes & very low prices make Arcachon a sure keeper by anyone’s count – mission accomplished, Mr. Morimoto.

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    • Thanks a lot! It’s tricky striking a balance between giving enough info but being concise, what with the number of pastries I usually write about for any given place :/

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