L’automne, pâtisserie & café, Tokyo

Pâtisserie L'automne

Pâtisserie L’automne

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 6
Blackmore: 7.5
Negresco returns: 5
Sicily: 5.5
In 1 word:
Assortment: 25


Incredibly, in a city with probably not many fewer pastry shops than Paris itself these days, it requires inordinate amounts of effort paired with a lifetime’s luck to cross paths with a classic chocolate cake that even only gets wattwurmnashi pass marks. Imagine my bottomless surprise & delight when I encounter:

Sicily, Blackmore, Negresco returns

Sicily, Blackmore, Negresco returns

  • Blackmore
    Chocolate cake, cocoa sablé, hazelnut chocolate glaze
    A good smell of drunken oranges is followed up by a strong but not overpowering taste of said liquor in the chocolate pound cake. The cake itself is a bit low in the moisture department, but together with the thick hazelnut chocolate glaze strikes a perfect balance. The chocolate coated cocoa sablé completes this cake by adding a crispy note.

Also ran:

  • Negresco returns
    Milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut praliné feuillantine, génoise
    The milk chocolate mousse, which is obviously a main component of this cake, sort of mars the eating experience because the chocolate used is of inferior quality. Another slight problem, L’automne’s génoises are on the dry side & they don’t seem to imbibe them for most of their cakes & in this cake it shows.
  • Sicily
    Pistachio bavarois, hazelnut praliné feuillantine, cocoa génoise, génoise, chocolate glaçage
    praliné gets totally lost in pistachio, only for texture
    A very tastefully presented cake, Sicily mostly consists of a very good, rich pistachio crème bavaroise but lacks somewhat in terms of, let’s say interestingness. I was curious to see how the pistachio + praliné feuillantine combination was going to work out because I hadn’t had a convincing one as of yet but this one is another fail. The very flavorful pistachio bavarois pretty much subdues any taste of the praliné. Trying the praliné by itself, it’s not the best I’ve ever had but undeniably hazelnutty, but eaten together you just can’t tell. On top of that, the chocolate glazing is very sweet, something with a bit more character to add more dimension to this cake would be much preferable. I wish pâtissier Koutatsu Kanda would go & do something really awesome with that fabulous pistachio bavarois because the foundations are in place, they just gotta play around more.

2 cakes + beverage [without restriction] for ¥1000 = dead cheap. On top, the cappuccino is big & actually tasty.

Cappucino at L'automne

Cappuccino at L’automne

The plating is a bit more elaborate &, unlike at some other fancy plating places, actually rather edible. The vanilla cream’s very mild but without being smotheringly sweet. The plate itself isn’t really ideal though.

While the store itself is quite spacious, seating is very limited but tastefully decorated, which extends to their silverware & china. When you’re craving for a truly good chocolate cake, &/or are looking to eat true French feel cakes [don’t be thrown off by the quirky English names] in a laid-back atmosphere, L’automne must be one of Tokyo’s best pastry shops.

attention to detail at L'automne

attention to detail at L’automne

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2 responses to “L’automne, pâtisserie & café, Tokyo

  1. glad to see a post from you! also – chocolate cake, even simple, is incredibly difficult to find. I often feel like I have to make it myself in order to get something that’s actually rich and good enough to be considered.

    but the plating is utterly gorgeous!

    • Yes, it’s been a while 😏 been busy otherwise.
      Chocolate cake is ubiquitous here but it just never is any good. I’m planning a Tokyo Top 10 chocolate cakes article because man, they’re SO hard to come by.

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