Cadeau de Rincotté, pâtisserie & café, Kasugai

apricot & baked cheese tart [right], Framblanc [front], Totoropi [back]

apricot & baked cheese tart [right], Framblanc [front], Totoropi [back]

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 8
Meringue chantilly: 10
Pamanto: 9.5
Framblanc: 9
Totoropi: 9
Matcha opera: 7.5
Classic chocolate: 7
Chocolat3: 6.5
Baked cheese apricot tartelette: 5
In 1 word: balanced batons
Assortment: 10-15


Another fruitless day spent vainly tolling away in front of the computer, trying to find new wattwurmnashi worthy places. Or so I think, & then I see this:

screen still from

screen still from

I’m essentially sold as soon as I see the hazelnut-orange cake at the bottom right, but a tasting set of 4 thrown into the mix definitely doesn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately, in good old wattwurmnashi style I’ve neglected to confirm the never-ever-current-ANYwhere website listed menu & am thus utterly devastated upon learning post arrival that the hazelnut orange is NOT on at the moment. While wondering what the heck websites are for other than misleading maidens on a mission, I default back to the aforementioned tasting set:

tasting set: Chocolat3, Totoropi, Framblanc, Opéra matcha

tasting set: Chocolat3, Totoropi, Framblanc, Opéra matcha

  • 4 cakes tasting set, out of which 2 pique my curiosity so much that I decide to get a whole piece each & have them later.
    • Chocolat3
      Surprisingly light [in a bad way] & decidedly unmemorable.
    • Totoropi
      Mousse au chocolat, tonka bean + mango + passion fruit chocolate cream, coconut génoise
      Unusual flavor combination but they are married & balanced to perfection, resulting in a concoction that tastes fruity on several levels without being distinctly sour, sort of exotically spiced from tonka bean, & moderately, very un-richly chocolatey.
    • Framblanc
      White chocolate + cream cheese mousse, raspberry mousse, raspberry + rose gelée, pistachio génoise
      For once, the rose flavor isn’t overpowering but does add a certain something. Together with the raspberry elements, it poses a powerful contrast to the almost ephemerally light white chocolate-cream cheese mousse.
    • Opéra matcha
      The green tea flavor is succinct but not overpowering. Its partnering dark chocolate possesses the right characteristics, bitterness & length, required to stand its ground next to green tea.

I’ve got to make up for my disappointment over the n/a hazelnut orange cake ⇒ all over the place displacement activity mode:

Meringue chantilly, classic chocolat, Pamanto

Meringue chantilly, classic chocolat, Pamanto

  • Meringue chantilly
    It has lots of subtle flavors about it – spices, nuts, chocolate, caramel. The cocoa nibs are small in number but huge in impact. After pâtisserie Bébé’s version, yet another perfect meringue chantilly specimen – I can’t but doubt my senses.
  • Classic chocolate
    The chocolate cake is moist, has good quality dark chocolate in it & a ganache core. As far as usually utterly disappointing chocolate cakes go, this is pretty divine.
  • Pamanto
    Mango jelly, pink grapefruit jam, génoise
    Amazing fruit explosion. Both the mango jelly & the grapefruit jam are very distinct. A very light & fresh cake, like a breeze of fruity essence. Thyme is always a welcome contrast to bitter fruits.

& for good measure, I also have a

  • baked cheese apricot tartelette
    which would’ve been nicer with fresh apricot instead of dried, as it is sort of dry the way it is.

& as I’m being such a good customer, the proprietess slips me a complimentary piece of delicious cinnamon-scented apple pie [alas, no photo. While we’re at it, alas, no DSLR photos for this place as both lenses are broken].

Surely can’t complain about the service.

Unfortunately, there’s no info to be had on owner pâtissier Manabu Ninakawa but whoever trained him did one hell of a good job. One of the most refined pâtisseries in the Nagoya area, but an up-to-date website has never done any harm to any business although of course, I gotta give them credit for having a website in the first place.

Lire en français | 日本語で読む


4 responses to “Cadeau de Rincotté, pâtisserie & café, Kasugai

    • WTF!?!?!! & YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF AN [adopted] ITALIAN?!!
      Personally, I hate green tea 😄 but I liked that cake. I LOVE a good tiramisù though, but it’s sooo difficult to find a really good one!

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