Niederegger Marzipan-Salon Lübeck Germany

Fraction of the cakes on display at Niederegger Marzipan-Salon

Fraction of the cakes on display at Niederegger Marzipan-Salon

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 7
Plum marzipan waffles: 9
Sundae: 7
Niederegger almond milk: 7
Iced chocolate: 6
In 1 word: best marzipan in the world
Assortment: cakes [myriads] | marzipan products [100s] | ice cream & sundaes | hot & cold desserts [~20] | hot & cold drinks w & w/o alcohol [70+] | hot & cold breakfasts [~25] | hot & cold all day savory dishes, incl. vegetarian [~25] | weekly menu [~15]


♥This is for all my European readers who have patiently stuck with wattwurmnashi throughout so far only Japan based posts. & for Petite Pâtissière, without whom you probably wouldn’t get to read about wattwurmnashi’s endeavors very often.♥

Niederegger Marzipan is a trademark famous all around the world for their marquis product: marzipan! & some of the finest, high quality, most delicious marzipan at that [I said they were very famous]


Less well known is the fact that the Niederegger family emporium operates several tea salons around their town of origin, Lübeck in North Germany. After browsing through the 100s of the world’s best marzipan products on offer at Niederegger, exhausted customers can relax in luxurious surroundings bearing the distinctive Niederegger colors of red & gold over an almost equally dizzying selection of pastries, cakes, sundaes, waffles, & countless other desserts, most featuring Niederegger marzipan. [For fun free people, there’s also savory options.]


Marzipan waffles, plum take

Marzipan waffles, plum take

  • Marzipan waffles, plum cinnamon ice cream, plum compote
    The unmistakeable, strong marzipan aroma emanating from the waffles is even x-folded upon the first bite. Like eating delicious Niederegger marzipan but with a different texture, the waffles being quite rich & substantial. A slight, fruity sourness from the plum compote & the sweet spiciness lent by the cinnamon plum ice cream not only complement each other beautifully, but elevate the sweet marzipan waffles to a complete tasting experience. The ratios are also spot on.
Niederegger almond milk, sundae, iced chocolate

Niederegger almond milk, sundae, iced chocolate

  • Sundae
    Marzipan ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate decor, marzipan chocolate tube, neapolitan The marzipan ice cream is rich & has perfect texture. Although tasting unmistakeably of marzipan, it could be stronger. The marzipan chocolate tube cookie is crispy & the chocolate decor of decent quality, but the chocolate sauce is a bit of a letdown compared to the rest.
  • Niederegger almond milk
    Not sure if Niederegger make their own almond milk but it tasted nice & not artificial.
  • Iced chocolate
    Cocoa, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, marzipan chocolate tube Obviously quite strong, it doesn’t taste as chocolatey as one would’ve hoped for – more of cocoa.

For marzipan lovers, the Niederegger Marzipan-Salon is a must-visit – no matter where you live, put it at the top of the list. For everybody else [to be honest – wattwurmnashi was a marzipan disliker until I was introduced to Niederegger], Niederegger is sure to convert. & for the hopeless cases, there’s plenty of non-marzipan stuff to be had as well. You just can’t go wrong at Niederegger.

obviously not my breakfast

obviously not my breakfast

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9 responses to “Niederegger Marzipan-Salon Lübeck Germany

  1. I just came back from Sicily where the main my activity was eating – with a whole suitcase of pasta di mandorla, torroncini and of cause, of cause marzipano ;)
    Hope you were doing great the long time of our vacations :)

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