wattwurmnashi’s Tokyo Top 10 pâtisseries


These are, in wattwurmnashi’s opinion, the best pastry shops, or pâtisseries in Tokyo. This list is curated based on wattwurmnashi’s Super Strict Scores as well as personal likings/dislikings & will be adjusted should wattwurmnashi find more more-deserving places. & yes, Hidemi Sugino is not on the list.

  1. Aigre Douce

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Les cakes, viennoiseries, rich cakes
    Pet peeves:
    Waiting times – come on a weekday with lots of rain & chances are you’ll still have to wait for 30 min or so, that’s how popular this place is. Absolutely worth it though.

  2. Au Bon Vieux Temps

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Favorite combinations driven to utmost perfection
    Pet peeves:
    Closed during lunch time. Nigh impossible to go on weekends – fame & popularity make for an overrun tiny café [albeit neither the most overrun nor the tiniest on this list] + an empty showcase come 3 pm.

  3. Allégresse

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Nocturne, tarts, viennoiseries, cookies, the only Florentines in Japan WITH CHOCOLATE
    Pet peeves:
    That it closed down.

  4. Cerisier

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Anything with crème pâtissière, chocolatey things
    Pet peeves:
    Antiquated café. In a bad way. Remote from central Tokyo, but well worth the extra trip.

  5. Paris s’éveille

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Big chocolate cake selection
    Pet peeves:
    No photography allowed, & for some very dubious reasons.

  6. Pierre Hermé

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    2000 feuilles, vanilla tart, raspberry chocolate tart
    Pet peeves:
    Chocolates a big letdown. Not a fan of the macarons. Desserts, chocolate drinks & sundaes not on par with cakes. Hardly ever changing, small selection.

  7. À tes souhaits!

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    The nougat cakes
    Pet peeves:
    Cakes with chocolate = big time letdown. All of them. Cookies = even worse. In spite of huge assortment, sometimes no cakes really appeal to me.

  8. Sébastien Bouillet

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Originality, Magnum cakes, macalyons
    Pet peeves:
    No café, small, usually not very chocolatey cake selection

  9. Cacahouète Paris

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Desserts, fun stuff
    Pet peeves:
    Only 4 seats ⇒ can incur serious waiting times, some items at suboptimal presentation:taste ratio.

  10. Voisin

    wattwurmnashi comes here for:
    Most cakes are chocolate based
    Pet peeves:
    Eat-in café availability always in doubt, lineup doesn’t change that much.

What are your favorite pastry shops?

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12 responses to “wattwurmnashi’s Tokyo Top 10 pâtisseries

  1. Thank you for this amazing selection ..I am traveling to Japan this September and I am really excited, hopefully I’ll be able to try all of them or at a few of them .:3

    • I think if you only start digging, you’ll probably see French style pastry stores sprouting your area as well! The wave’s been expanding in all directions for the last 10 or so years. But yeah, I get food envy whenever I look at pictures of amazing places elsewhere as well. :D

    • I’ve added Google maps, in case you ever come to Tokyo you definitely won’t have to go without nice pastries ;) I’ll do one on chocolates eventually as well although I think at least the bottom part of the Top 10 is not going to be up to par to your Swiss experience. he he thanks for the compliment on the naming

    • Awesome!!! When you do, let me know what you think of them!
      Well, should you happen to make your way over before next year, give me a shout, I’ll take you round, wouldn’t that be fun! :D

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