Pinède, Pâtisserie, Nagoya

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Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 5.5
La Fête: 7
Raspberry mousse: 5
Millefeuille: 4.5
In 1 word: charming
Assortment: ~10

Pinède official homepage [Japanese only]

Like many Japanese companies, Pinède operate under corporate identity policies that border on brainwashing. For example, the sweets manufacturing process at Pinède is called “skills”, staff are “partners”, …

Let’s see what I found their “partners” to have “skilled” upon a recent visit:

Pinède - La Fête

Pinède – La Fête

  • La Fête
    Described as a baked meringue with salted walnuts, & the color of the crumble apparently stems from orange juice. The texture was amazing, soft and dense, similar to that of an also rather meringue heavy dacquoise & taste wise the sweetness of the meringue & crumble was complemented in the most unusual, delicious way by the saltiness & bitterness from the walnuts. I had serious misgivings beforehand, as I usually dislike walnuts in sweets but this cake made me a conditional convert.
Pinède - raspberry mousse cake

Pinède – raspberry mousse cake

  • Raspberry mousse
    A not overly sweet, fresh raspberry + blueberry mousse stuffed with blueberries and raspberries, sitting on biscuit joconde, with a white chocolate couverture. While the mousse and biscuit would’ve made for a very solid foundation and the white chocolate tasted good and wasn’t too greasy, the cake lacked a certain extra in composition. A contrast in taste in the filling and some texture play would’ve been nice.

Pinède - Millefeuille

Pinède – Millefeuille

  • Millefeuille
    Interesting presentation. The puff pastry was very nice, crisp, buttery & slightly burnt. The crème was enjoyable enough & the berries added a spring/summery touch, but the génoise & dacquoise that were strewn in were pretty random & didn’t do anything for me, rather on the contrary.

Honorable mentions go to 1. polished presentation, 2. Pinède’s “hospitality” [= customer service]. I often inquire about the contents of certain cakes & the like & more often than not, the sales assistants can’t answer my questions & have to drag the poor hard-toiling pastry chef out of the kitchen. Not so at Pinède. The lovely, friendly, open lady answered all my questions satisfactorily & went so far as to pick up on them & suggest cakes based on them. For anyone who is looking for some proper consultation when buying their pastries, Pinède sets standards in Nagoya.

If calling anything funny names amounts to what you can see here, plus owning customer service then the corporate policies at Pinède’s pastry emporium can’t be at fault, can they?!

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