Sétrois, pâtisserie & café, Nagoya

Super Strict Score [understand my S3]: 7.5
Pistachio fraisier: 8
Apricot & red fruit mousse: 8
Strawberry cream cheese: 7.5
Chocolate caramel: 6.5
In 1 word: Fruit mousses
Assortment: 10-15


Summer’s just around the corner & although I’m painfully susceptible to the cold, I hate summer because every Japanese pastry chef goes kicking my preferred rich chocolate cakes out of the window, becoming a boring-light-jellies/fruit-in-all-shapes-&-sizes factory.

That being said, when I go somewhere & actually like their fruit overloads, it means so much more, as happened at Sétrois:

  • Pistachio fraisier
    The pistachio butter cream was delicious, smooth, round. The biscuit joconde stood out because it burst with pure almond flavor, absolutely delightful.

  • Apricot-red fruit mousse
    The apricot mousse was outstanding & the red fruit mousse was more on the sweet than the sour side, thus not overpowering but supporting the subtle apricot flavor. There were 2 rosemary leaves on the top which made it all the more extra special; they added a whole new dimension of taste.

  • Strawberry mousse-cream cheese
    Light & fresh. The fromage frais wasn’t just stuffed in like that but it had been worked into a sort of mousse & there was a layer of strawberry jam beneath it which added texture & flavor. The strawberry mousse tasted like natural strawberry, just in mousse form – it was light, almost ephemeral, very refreshing, perfect summer food.

  • Chocolate caramel
    Good quality chocolate used. The amount of caramel sauce was just right, not overpowering the chocolate flavor which in my experience seems to be a very hard balance to strike. Bits of feuilletine added extra texture, however, it lacked a certain oomph.
Latte for accompaniment

Latte for accompaniment

Sétrois' 2nd floor café space

Sétrois’ 2nd floor café space

Sétrois’ owner & head pastry chef Mr. Furusawa trained under Meilleur Ouvrier de France [MOF] Serge Bréda at Les Entremets de France in Paris, a fact well-reflected in his excellent cakes. Surprisingly, even so, Sétrois seems sort of low-radar. The charming, rustic café on the 2nd floor invites cakes lovers to savor their delicacies in peace & quiet & the drink selection, while small, provides a pleasant latte among others. Hopefully, Sétrois will gain more attention in the future.

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2 responses to “Sétrois, pâtisserie & café, Nagoya

    • Sure, come over any time!
      We’ll probably leave soon though, although an exact date hasn’t been set yet. You can be sure I’ll be leaving for another pastry paradise though ;)

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